KAVA EUROPE is the first store offering natural and 100% pure kava from Vanuatu.

The kava available in our store is granted with New Zealand Kava Society certificate and comes from New Zealand. Kava Europe is a distributor known in the European Union thanks to its high-quality products and wide social activity and involvement in such areas as health, proper eating habits and food supplements.

KAVA (also known in Poland as KAVA KAVA) is available in our store as a food supplement. Its consumption in such Pacific countries as Vanuatu or Kiribati is strictly associated with social function. European pubs offering alcohol are in many places in the Pacific replaced by kava bars. For the last several years, the drink’s great popularity has been booming across the world. Kava owes its growing fame to its wide benefits as well as increasing consumer awareness.

There is plenty of scientific literature studying kava’s positive effects. To find more, please check the following World Health Organization’s report.

In the “Guide” tab you will find the most important suggestions regarding preparation, consumption and recommended daily allowance. Furthermore, you will learn also about practical information about proper setting up your kava session.