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We’re Europe’s premier dedicated kava vendor specialising in pure, noble kava of exceptional quality.

The kava available in our store is certified by the Kava Society from New Zealand, and the country of origin is New Zealand. Kava Europe is a known distributor in the European Union for its high-quality products and a broad social activity.

KAVA (also known in Poland as KAVA KAVA) is available in our store as a dye for external use. The use of kava in many countries, such as Vanuatu and Kiribati, is strongly associated with the social function. In recent years, the product has been gaining enormous popularity all over the world. Its growing reputation is caused by the wide benefits it has, as well as, the increasing awareness of the recipients.

There is plenty of scientific literature studying kava’s positive effects. To find more, please check the following World Health Organization’s report.

The “Guide” tab contains the most important recommendations for the use of kava and practical points that should be remembered when using kava.

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