Meet the products of the highest standards

The only store in Poland awarded with the prestigious Kava Society certificate.

Kava Europe offers only carefully selected the highest quality kava.

We make every effort to ensure that our store offers only products meeting the highest standards. We are the only store in Poland which is granted with the prestigious quality certificate of the Kava Society and quality certificate of Fundacja Wspierania Zdrowia (Health Support Foundation). Kava Society was founded by scientists from Auckland University and is recognized as the most important organization which studies and cultivates kava tradition in the world. In contrast to some offers available on the Polish market, kava kava offered by our store is 100% natural, without any sugar or flavor enhancer additives.

Kava Europe’s mission is to promote the conscious and responsible consumption of kava. Thus, in the Guide tab you will find the most important information about preparing and consuming kava. Kava Europe cooperates with the scientific community and non-governmental organizations located in the European Union and New Zealand to promote knowledge about kava.

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