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Bir Kar kava is a strong blend of 100% lateral roots of selected fine noble Vanuatu cultivars . The laterals (known as “waka” in Fiji) are the smaller diameter roots that extend from themain rootstock. They contain the highest concentration of kava’s active ingredients (kavalactones).

In its natural form Vanuatu kava rootstock consists mostly of stump/basal root. The lateral roots constitute on average just 20-30% of the weight. Despite being stronger, they are not necessarily more popular in Vanuatu as they are much harder to peel, and their skin gives the liquid prepared from the roots ca more bitter aroma, darker colour and sharper character character than the remaining part of the rootstock.

Our lateral roots are processed directly from freshly harvested kava. They are meticulously cleaned and carefully dried in a temperature controlled dehydrator that locks in as much potency and freshness as possible.

Kava Europe offers 100% natural kava products made from nothing but pure, clean and noble kava roots. All of our products are sourced directly from The Kava Society Limited (Auckland, New Zealand).  Kava Europe (Pacific Elixir sp. z o. o., limited liability) is the only Kava Society’s official trading partner operating in Poland and the European Union. The products we offer are of the same grade as kava sold by the Kava Society in New Zealand and they all comply with the relevant New Zealand regulations when it comes to safety requirements and composition. To put it simply: we are 100% confident this is the finest kava in the world.

The color is light brown.

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