A drink received from the Mettistine Pepper.

Kava kava…

Kava kava, a drink received from the Mettistine Pepper, is consumed for thousands of years in the Pacific area. In the recent years, the kava drinking culture has spread across the globe. The drink is known especially in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.


Kava, which its consumption became a part of tradition of many countries, is perceived as an attractive, non-addictive alternative to alcohol.

The sole distributor acknowledged by the Kava Society in the EU.


The first store in Poland offering kava…

KAVA EUROPE as the sole distributor in the EU has quality certificate granted by the prestigious Kava Society from New Zealand. Kava Society is created by scientists and researchers from Auckland University. Moreover, KAVA EUROPE has the quality certificate given by  Fundacja Wspierania Zdrowia (Health Support Foundation). The store offers only natural noble kava kava from Vanuatu. We make every effort to ensure that our store offers only products meeting the highest standards. Kava Europe actively works for the education and popularization the knowledge about kava on the EU territory, which includes social and information campaigns and publishing dedicated publications.



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Kava Europe is the sole distributor acknowledged by the Kava Society in the European Union.