Kelai / instant kava

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A phenomenal single cultivar kava with an exceptional character. This legendary cultivar originates from the island of Epi (Vanuatu), where it is considered to be by far the most desirable variety.
Kelai has a clean and pleasant profile. Kava experts and scholars, such as Dr Vincent Lebot, Dr ‎Mark Merlin and Dr Lamont Lindstrom have singled out Kelai as perhaps the most desirable kava in the world. It has been described as “the pinnacle achievement” of cultivar selection.
After several months of efforts, tests and attempts to overcome logistical challenges, we’ve finally manged to bring this extraordinary kava to New Zealand.

In order to present this single cultivar in its full glory, we are offering it at the natural ratio of around 70-80% stump to 20-30% lateral roots. This is how nature made it and we think she did a pretty good job.

The colour of the product is light-brown.

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